Sofa Fabric
This array of Sofa Fabrics is accessible in different width and thickness ranges. These are suitable for designing upholstery items like sofa cover, coverings for blinds and window panels etc.
Outdoor Furniture Fabric
Outdoor Furniture Fabrics provided by us are reckoned for their UV proof design, colorfast quality and long lasting nature. These are accessible in different thickness ranges. Our product range is cost effective.
Leather Fabric
Leather Fabrics are those fabrics which are very much used by our people in the market. These fabrics provide high quality products, which are durable in nature. Our fabrics help in offering insulated properties, soft feel, and perfect texture. These fabrics are available in various colors, patterns, designs and so on.
Faux Linen Fabric
Faux linen Fabrics are reckoned for their excellent tensile strength and long lasting quality. These low maintenance fabrics are used for designing skirts and trousers. Ease of caring is one of their main aspects.
Garden Fabric
Garden Fabrics are made of polyester, linen and PP. These are perfect to retain moisture level of soil by acting as perfect barrier against sunlight. Reasonable price and ease of handling are their main aspects.

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